Course on Advanced 3D Graphics

in Java and Java OpenGL (JOGL 2)


Dr. Manuel Carcenac




The following course lecture notes are freely available to anyone interested.

They may be used and modified without any restrictions.




Introduction to the theory of 3D Computer Graphics   [ pdf ; doc ]


Advanced topics in modelling with JOGL 2   [ pdf ; doc ]

Euler angles - gimbal lock - texture - NURBS - Fractal landscape -

diamond-square algorithm


Advanced topics in animation presented with JOGL 2   [ pdf ; doc ]

kinematic animation - cubic spline interpolation - articulated structure -

dynamic animation - time integration - n-body animation


Some programs:


textures earth, moon, sun, heaven and spacecraft


interactive cubic NURBS


 fractal landscape


cubic spline interpolation


cubic spline animation of ball


cubic spline animation of articulated arm


gravity, bouncing animation of balls


n-body animation


Important: batch file to run a JOGL2 program on Windows



other available courses (Java, Graphics in Java,

Analysis of Algorithms, GPU-CUDA)


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