Course on Graphics in Java:

Graphical User Interfaces -

2D Graphics -

3D Graphics with Java OpenGL (JOGL 2)


Dr. Manuel Carcenac




The following course lecture notes are freely available to anyone interested.

They may be used and modified without any restrictions.




Graphical user interfaces in Java  [ pdf ; doc ]

Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) - Swing - event listener


2D Graphics in Java  [ pdf ; doc ]


3D Graphics in Java with Java OpenGL - JOGL 2  [ pdf ; doc ]

OpenGL - JOGL 2.0 - JOGL event listener - GLU


Some programs:


2D - scribbling


2D - transformations


2D - robotic arm


2D - spacecraft asteroids game


JOGL2 - planets wireframe


JOGL2 - robotic arm wireframe


JOGL2 - head surface


JOGL2 - sphere diffuse specular surface


Important: batch file to run a JOGL2 program on Windows



other available courses (Java, Advanced 3D Graphics in Java,

Analysis of Algorithms, GPU-CUDA)



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